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Covington, GA residents have access to emergency dental services at Smile Creations

Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury, or chipped a tooth, it is important that you have a place to go in case of dental emergencies. At Smile Creations, we offer emergency dental services to patients in the Covington, GA area. No matter when your dental emergency occurs, we are here to help.

Common dental emergencies

There are situations that may end up requiring emergency dental care. Here are some of the most common that Dr. Carrington sees in our office:

  • Sports-related injury – Contact sports can result in a knocked out or broken tooth, especially if a mouth guard isn’t worn.
  • Abscesses – Patients with abscesses are often in severe pain due to this infection.
  • Cavities – Deep cavities that have gone untreated can result in severe toothaches. Without treatment, patients are unable to find relief.
  • Wisdom Teeth – In many situations, wisdom teeth can become problematic and cause issues for patients that need to be addressed quickly.
  • Chipped teeth – Teeth that are chipped can be an easily fixed.
  • Lost fillings / restorations – A filling that falls out or a dental crown that comes loose can leave the patient in pain and the area quite sensitive.
  • Broken jaw / head injury – This is a serious situation that requires immediate attention at the nearest hospital emergency room.

If you experience an emergency, there are things you can do while waiting to be seen in our office. If your tooth has been knocked out, try placing it back in the socket or a glass of milk and be careful not to touch the root. For pain resulting from a cavity or abscess, ice packs along with ibuprofen can minimize discomfort. If a crown is lost, denture adhesive can be used to keep it in place until your appointment.

For emergency services, call Smile Creations at (770) 786-2754.


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