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Discover methods of sedation dentistry near Covington, GA

Fear of going to the dentist is common. For many patients, visiting the dentist causes anxiety so great they avoid it altogether. Avoiding the dentist negatively impacts your dental health. Patients near Covington, GA can relax knowing sedation dentistry is available to ease anxiety. Dr. Venitress Bryant Carrington and the staff at Smile Creations want to make your visit a positive one.

Handling your fear of the dentist

For some patients, it is simply the unknown that causes fear. In those cases, a consultation and education about dental care may help. For others, sedation may be necessary. Anyone with an extreme fear that cannot be controlled by other means is a candidate for sedation.

The different levels of sedation dentistry include:

  • Minimal sedation
  • Moderate sedation
  • Deep sedation
  • General anesthesia

Our practice utilizes minimal anxiolysis sedations. This is achieved using one or a combination of methods. The patient’s anxiety and tolerance levels as well as the urgency and scope of dentistry needed determine the methods used.

Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide takes effect within minutes, produces a feeling of calmness, and reduces the perception of pain. The patient breathes in the colorless, odorless gas, which the dentist controls during the procedure. When the treatment ends, the sedative is discontinued and 100% oxygen is given to help remove the nitrous oxide from the lungs. The sedation wears off quickly and the patient can resume normal activities.

For more notable anxiety, more management may be necessary. A calming oral medication or a combination of medications can be used. This sedation requires pre-planning as it takes longer to be effective and the effects may linger. A designated driver and someone to assist with the post-operative care are needed. Dr. Carrington and her highly trained team will assist all patients with the selection, delivery, and monitoring of the appropriate level of management.

Ease your mind with sedation dentistry. Make an appointment today with Dr. Carrington and Smile Creations. 770-691-0844


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