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Finding a dentist to provide mercury-free fillings in Covington

If you’re an adult with filled cavities, it is likely that you have amalgam fillings in your mouth. These fillings, which were widely used for many years, are made of nearly 50 percent mercury. The fillings were used because they were thought to be durable, safe, and less expensive.

However, in recent years, concern over the potential toxicity of mercury has been raised as studies link mercury to several diseases including Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, heart disease, and tremors. Now, patients and dentists, including Dr. Venitress Carrington of Smile Creations in Covington, GA, are choosing mercury-free composite fillings.

Composites give patients a happier smile because the fillings have a natural tooth-colored appearance. Most people can’t tell where the tooth stops and the filling starts. Additionally, the mercury-free fillings are durable and less likely to crack or pull away from the teeth.

If you want mercury free fillings, consider the following:

  • Find a dentist who truly believes in the health benefits it offers. Dr. Carrington believes that the health of your mouth affects the health of your body, and that the reverse is true. With her focus on your overall health and well-being you can trust that she will only treat you with necessary and safe procedures.
  • Find a dentist who knows how to remove mercury fillings. Most dentists don’t recommend taking silver fillings out unless they are damaged. However, if you do need to have one removed, you should feel confident that the dentist is experienced and trained on the proper way to handle the material. Dr. Carrington follows established protocol, ensuring that the mercury material does not cause harm. Then the material is disposed of properly, keeping the environment safe as well.

If you’re considering mercury safe fillings, call the Smile Creations office today to learn more.


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