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Teeth whitening reveals patients’ most luminous smiles in Covington

Zoom! In-office whitening is available for patients who prefer an up to seven shades brighter smile in a single visit. With at-home bleaching systems, the same beautiful results are revealed gradually when applied daily from the comfort of your home. Some stains respond better to bleaching methods than others.

At Your Consultation

Before the doctor moves forward with recommendations to whiten your teeth, she will examine your mouth and determine if there are concerns that need to be resolved. Your mouth must be healthy before you undergo elective procedures, because whitening does not restore oral health and can worsen existing conditions.

Discoloration such as dark or black pits can indicate the presence of decay. You may need a filling or other restorative treatment.

After ensuring your teeth are healthy enough for whitening, Dr. Carrington will identify the type of stain or discoloration present on your teeth. Yellow-brown staining is usually characterized as “extrinsic,” because it exists on the tooth’s surface. Staining foods such as coffee, wine, and blueberries are not the only culprits; tobacco products can also produce surface stains.

Typically, teeth that are spotted with chalky discoloration, or appear gray or blue are characterized as “intrinsic.” Excessive use of fluoride or antibiotics, especially in early childhood, may be to blame for these deeper internal stains.

The powerful and safe in-office and home bleaching procedures administered by Smile Creations singularly or in combination can lift most stains. However, intrinsic discoloration can be resistant to these bleaching methods. She may recommend porcelain veneers or other aesthetic restorations to cover stubborn stains and reveal your most luminous smile.

The dental team will also suggest ways to protect that beautiful smile with proper home care and even dietary modifications. Schedule your teeth whitening consultation in Covington by calling (770) 786-2754 .

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