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Covington, GA dentist discusses link between dental health and overall

Until recently, the medical community generally did not consider the impact of dental health on wellness. Today, enlightened dentists including Dr. Venitress Carrington of Smile Creations in Covington, GA, understand and respect the mouth-body connection.


This word simply describes a relationship that is mutually beneficial. When the oral cavity – teeth, soft tissues, bone, and bite alignment – are healthy, they contribute to a vigorous body. A healthy mouth lets you eat a well-rounded diet, grinding foods for easy digestion and supplying nourishment. A balanced bite keeps the jaws comfortable and helps you get deep, regenerative sleep.

When oral disease develops, its ripples are far-reaching:

  • Gum disease causes your body’s immune system to combat a wound, basically the size of your fist, 24/7/365.
  • Eventually, periodontal disease leads to tooth loss, affecting digestion and nutrition.
  • Bacteria that cause tooth decay are linked to systemic inflammation and serious health conditions including diabetes and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Untreated tooth decay can cause the spread of infection to soft tissues and bone.
  • TMJ disorders, snoring, and sleep apnea degenerate emotional and physical wellness.
  • Oral cancer can be life threatening.

The reverse is also true. For example, patients with diabetes are more prone to develop gum disease. Respiratory, kidney, and immune disorders may create damaging symptoms in the mouth.

Maintaining dental health

At Smile Creations, oral health is a team effort. We show you how to properly care for your teeth at home, and offer lifestyle and nutrition advice. Regular professional cleaning and examination appointments are essential. These visits give Dr. Carrington the opportunity to intercept potential problems early. At this stage, issues may be treated most effectively and economically, with minimal discomfort and impact to your smile and wellness.

We want to be your partner in dental health. In Covington, GA call (770) 786-2754.


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