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Patients in Covington discover the reasons for a root canal treatment

Don’t fret if your dentist mentioned those dreaded words. You need a root canal. For many people, the thought of a root canal brings about fear of pain due to the misconceptions surrounding root canals. In reality, this therapy relieves pain, eliminates infection, and preserves the health of your mouth. Located in Covington, GA, Dr. Carrington and the staff at Smile Creations offer root canal treatment to restore and protect your oral health.

Reasons for a root canal treatment

Tooth pain or sensitivity can strike at any time. When it does, the problem needs to be assessed to determine the underlying problem. Pain is a symptom of a larger dental issue that should not be ignored. It may signify an infection or abscess. An infection will not go away on its own. It must be treated and not allowed to fester into a larger problem. Although pain and tenderness are the most common symptoms of an infection, other symptoms may include:

  • Swelling or pain in the gums around the tooth
  • Dark spots on the tooth enamel
  • Toothache
  • Sores on the gums
  • Fever
  • Swelling in your face or cheek
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Sensitivity to pressure

An infected tooth may be caused by severe decay, a chip or crack in the tooth, or trauma to the tooth. When the pulp of the tooth is damaged, treatment is necessary, so the damage does not spread. If you have an infected tooth, a root canal may be recommended to treat the infection and to preserve your tooth.

A root canal relieves your pain

There are many misconceptions about root canals with the main idea being pain. Clear your mind of any preconceived notions. Remember, your dentist’s goal is to relieve your pain, save your natural tooth when possible, and to preserve your oral health. A root canal addresses the underlying cause of your pain and swelling. It rids the mouth of the damage-causing bacteria and infected tissue found inside the tooth, and it restores your oral health in the process. The procedure eases your pain. It does not cause you pain. Using a gentle touch and advanced technology, the procedure is now routine and comfortable for patients.

Using x-rays to show the exact location of the damage, your dentist uses specific tools to treat the tooth, relieve the pressure, and remove the bacteria and infected tissue. The canals of the tooth are cleansed to remove infection and bacteria. The nerve tissue and pulp are removed to ensure all the bacteria are eliminated. The tooth is disinfected and filled. Then, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect and restore it.

The entire procedure is done using local anesthetics to ensure patient comfort. It is no more painful than having a cavity filled. If you still have concerns, Dr. Carrington can discuss the possibility of sedative measures to ease your anxiety.Reasons-for-a-Root-Canal-Treatment

A root canal restores your oral health.

If a root canal has been recommended for you, chances are you have developed an infection or inflammation. The pulp inside the tooth may be damaged. This is probably already causing you pain, tenderness, and swelling. At this point, the damage cannot be ignored. Even if your symptoms subside, the underlying infection will not clear up on its own. Dental care is necessary. If the condition is allowed to spread, more extreme dental work such as extractions may be needed.

By addressing the problem in a timely fashion, root canal therapy can relieve your pain and save your tooth. The point of a root canal is to save the tooth, not to remove it. The roots of the tooth remain in place. This means the jaw is protected and continues to be stimulated. Your bone health is preserved.

Root canals are a safe, effective treatment for eliminating bacteria from the infected tooth. Your oral and overall health are improved following the procedure. With good oral practices and regular dental visits, the results of a root canal are long-lasting.

Don’t let an infected tooth cause pain or ruin your oral health. Contact Smile Creations to restore and maintain the health of your smile. To schedule an appointment, call (770) 786-2754.

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