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Root canal treatment explained by Covington, GA dentist

At the practice of Dr. Venitress Carrington, patients in the Covington, GA area can improve the health and beauty of their smiles. There are times when patients may need treatments to repair the smile after problems have occurred. One treatment, called root canal therapy, is often done to address a tooth that has been affected by disease, trauma, or decay. Having treatments such as these explained can help patients better understand the purpose of these procedures and the ways in which they can keep the smile looking great!

What is root canal therapy?

Dr. Venitress Carrington at Smile Creations describes root canal therapy as a procedure that is performed to save a natural tooth from extraction. In the middle of the tooth is a mass of tissues referred to as the dental pulp. This tissue includes the blood supply and nerves. When the dental pulp is affected, most patients will experience a severe toothache. This toothache can become unbearable, keeping patients up at night. When this occurs, it is essential that patients visit their dentist for a proper diagnosis. In most cases, root canal therapy will be performed.

This procedure, sometimes known as endodontic therapy, is done to remove the dental pulp from inside of the tooth. What remains is the structure of the tooth, including the enamel. By removing the dental pulp, the tooth is essentially deadened, but remains in place. The inner canals of the tooth, now empty from the removal of the dental pulp, are disinfected to remove any bacteria, and then filled with gutta percha and sealed with composite resin. Because the procedure leaves the shell of the tooth, it may be susceptible to breakage. The placement of a dental crown over the tooth may be done as a preventative measure, offering an extra layer of protection against possible damage later.

Benefits of root canal therapy

The main benefit of root canal therapy is that it maintains the natural tooth, eliminating the need for extraction and tooth replacement options such as dentures, bridges, and implants. Root canal therapy is safe, effective, and a wonderful way of maintaining the smile. Regarding the cost of treatment, our team makes sure that dental work is affordable with payment plans and financing options available through our front office team. Patients with dental insurance should provide their information when they visit to have their benefits applied to reduce the overall cost.

Steps in root canal therapy

The steps taken during this procedure include:

  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure
  • Crown placement

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

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Any patient who has damage to the dental pulp inside the tooth may be a viable candidate for root canal therapy. This is determined with a proper diagnosis during an evaluation at Smile Creations. Dr. Venitress Carrington can examine the patient’s teeth and decide if this is the best method of treatment, depending on their specific needs and unique situation. If root canal therapy is advised, patients can have the procedure explained from start to finish so they are fully educated and aware of the treatment they are undergoing.

Why place a dental crown?

Dental crowns are placed on teeth that may be susceptible to further damage due to brittleness following the procedure. The crown is a porcelain “cap” that the dentist will bond over the tooth’s structure to add an extra layer of protection. These restorations are custom-made to match the patient’s existing teeth in shape, size, and color for seamless integration.

Benefit from root canal treatment and other restorative services at Smile Creations

Dr. Venitress Carrington and the team at Smile Creations in Covington, GA provide a variety of dental services to help with the treatment of negatively impacted teeth. If you are in the community and are seeking a quality dentist, we encourage you to book an appointment with our staff today to discuss root canal treatment and other services readily available in our practice. Call (770) 786-2754 today and visit the office, conveniently located at 3218 Mill Street NE. We welcome new patients into our facility for comprehensive care for themselves and their family.
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